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Adult Vision QuestsThere comes a time when you must leave family, friends and work behind and go off alone, looking within to discover your changes in the circle of life. An ancient ceremony, the Vision Quest (also called Vision Fast) enables men, women and youth to engage in a sacred journey: completion of an old life, movement through the threshold of the unknown, and return to the world reborn. People in any life stage or transition will find meaning in this powerful process.

This path has been followed by human beings for thousands of years. You hear these questions calling you– “Who am I?” “What do I have to give?”  “How can I heal my wounds?” Despite being afraid, you know this is something you have to do. So you meet with others like yourself, and guided by caring staff you prepare yourself for the journey. You learn about the wilderness terrain, putting together the necessary equipment, about physical safety and survival, and about the inner terrain, going over the story that has brought you to this threshold. You study ancient symbols and teachings that will help illuminate your way. All the while, the small group is becoming a community, offering support and love.

For a more detailed description of the elements and the journey itself, please read The Rites of Passage Wilderness Quest.