Workshop Schedule

coyoteThis is an introductory program that has depth and power, yet only requires a commitment of one day. It’s called a Day Quest, and it’s a mini-Wilderness Quest, a day’s journey on Mother Earth, structured in the same way as all significant rites of passage: preparation (Severance), time on the land (Threshold), and return (Incorporation).

This program serves as an excellent introduction to our work, and can be a gift to oneself–time out of your regular life to reflect, go within, and just be in nature.

This program contains elements distilled from the 9-day Wilderness Quest journey: safety orientation, a day fast, clarification of intent, crossing a threshold, spending sacred time on the land, return to a feast, and story telling with mirroring by staff.

We periodically offer this program locally In Sonoma County, and it’s also been offered in Kansas City, MO, Seattle, WA, and Carmel, NY. We can also travel your community to present it. Check our schedule for dates and locations. Also check out our Day Quest Online, which you can undertake on your own from home, with the support and assistance of Rites of Passage staff.