Why should I do this program?

Dana Carman writes:

You are a serious human being who knows suffering and knows the preciousness of this incarnation. You are discerning to not waste your time or money on something that isn’t robust or lacks deep integrity.

This is the first time ROP has offered this specific form of a Vision Quest with four months of follow-up coaching. There will inevitably need to be adjustments made in real time and a strong spirit of partnership between guides and participants with ample feedback loops, so that we can “dynamically steer” based on what Reality shows us as we move thru the post-Vision Quest, Integration/Incorporation phase. For over three decades I have had the experience of coaching individuals and groups through profound transitions/transformations, designing and holding containers for this process. For this program to work for a diverse group of people will require the flexibility and design described above, and it will require all of our strong and responsible communication to realize the promise of the program. If you enter the program in this spirit, it will be a great service to yourself, Rites of Passage and the other participants.

Some people are called to new programs such as this one, as they feel drawn to shaping its direction and potentially being a part of the program’s future. We invite you to stay in communication with us as you discover if it is accurate for you to participate in this inaugural offer.

At the end of the four month integration period, you will likely want to set up another kind of container for yourself. We promise that this conversation will be part of our program, so that you are “self-authoring” a liberating structure that will serve you as you move into the spring of 2108.

Renee Sweezey writes:

You might be thinking, what if I do it all and nothing changes? Are you at an uncomfortable juncture in your life? Is the pain now sufficient to take the risk to make a change and possibly fail? Or change and succeed? There are no guarantees, no promises of transformation and frankly, the journey you are contemplating is hard work: the undoing of habit that no longer serves our highest purpose and intention for our participation in our life and in the world. It takes a certain brokenness and courage go mucking around in the places that our ego would rather we not disturb.

I can tell you about the Vision Quest.  For three days and nights you will live without distraction, fasting or eating minimally, with a tarp as your only shelter. It is vulnerable to be without the expected structures of daily life. This vulnerability can crack you open during the Vision Quest solo. What needs to show up will show up, sometimes literally, sometime metaphorically. On the Vision Quest there is a close relationship between the two. While change for each person is different, there is always change. And while people seldom return with the “big vision,” most return having experienced  a fundamental shift in the narrative of their life story–an opportunity, so to speak, to rewrite the script. It can manifest in a number of ways such as clarity about a path forward, the realization that healing work needs to be done before completing a transition, or returning with the sure knowledge that one is truly enough. The quest allows you to see the gift of your one precious life with new eyes. What do you want to do with it? What commitments are you willing to make?