mountainlion350Does a Wilderness Quest focused on questions of leadership resonate with you?

Consider these questions:

– Is there an inner calling that I’ve been neglecting?
– What do I need to do to live the vision of my give-away?
– How can I be the leader in my own life and dreams?
– How can I gain confidence to follow my authentic path?
– What’s happened to the passion I used to feel for my work?
– What do I need to heal in myself so that I can give my gifts?

Several years ago Rites of Passage began to offer a Wilderness Quest specifically focused on these and other questions of leadership. Through offering the Wilderness Quest for Transformative Leadership, we discovered a world-wide community of people passionately interested in right livelihood, in aligning the inner world of soul with the outer world of work.  We’ve attracted people from a range of countries and backgrounds, including Japan, Russia, France, Iran, Ukraine, India, and African-American—in addition to Euro-Americans of diverse backgrounds.  Some of these people were involved in the work of coaching and leadership development, while others worked as entrepreneurs, in the corporate world, and with non-profit organizations.

Participants in this program have reported significant changes to their work and personal lives as a result of the quest—balancing work and family, managing with more compassion, listening better to employees, bringing new business visions to light, and even finding the clarity and courage to change careers in response to inner calling.

In presenting the Wilderness Quest for Transformative Leadership, we found that our model of the Medicine Wheel is richly compatible with the business coaching models such as the Integral model based on the work of Ken Wilbur and others, and we found that our work could achieve a high level of complexity, allowing for both differentiation and wholeness—the holding of opposites that is so significant for personal and leadership development.

Our intention is to guide participants to ask their most important questions, and then to listen to the responses from wild nature and inner soul. Participants in the Vision Quest for Transformative Leadership wish to make a difference in the world, to create and to live from their soul’s calling.

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