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Joshua Tree Night SkyThe Soul Quest weekend is based on the three-stage model of Severance, Threshold and Return that applies to all rites of passage ceremonies. This is a wonderful opportunity to live simply on the earth for one full day, then return to tell the story and receive the gifts of the journey. It’s a good choice if you’d like to find out more but are not ready for the full 9-day Vision Quest program, especially if you don’t live close to our program sites in California.

You don’t have to travel far to take advantage of the beauty and mystery of the wild. The rustling of the wind, the sound of your footsteps on the rough earth, the sunlight filtering through the trees –all these can help you recognize where you’ve been and where you need to go, reconnecting with your deepest truths.

On Friday afternoon and evening, we will work with the Medicine Wheel as we set our intentions for our solo Day Walk from dawn to dusk on Saturday. On Saturday, we will wake at dawn and spend an entire day alone on the land. On Sunday, there will be time spent in council sharing our stories and gleaning the wisdom that they hold for our lives.

This is a “car camping” program with no backpacking. Prior camping experience is not required and there is minimal equipment needed.

The tuition includes fees for camping and meals. You will be invited to fast from sunrise to sunset on Saturday.

Check our workshop schedule page for dates. The Soul Quest weekend can also be arranged for interested communities, email us if you are interested in exploring this.