gave my husband and me the gift of improved communication
It has been 10 days since our return from the Wilderness Quest, and I am pleasantly surprised with the differences I continue to find at work and at home. I am aware that the circumstances of my life have not changed, but my perspective is radically different. There have always been opportunities for improvement in my life, areas that weren’t quite working to their full potential. Something about the program gave me not only the gift of awareness, but the tools on how let go of what was previously holding me back. Many limiting beliefs I held on my life, my marriage, and my career, were left in the desert at the end of our journey. The solo portion of the program has left me with an incredible sense of peace and patience. I have been able to walk into situations that I previously would have found intimidating, and am noticing that the fear is no longer present. When it arises, as it did in the desert, I now know where it comes from and how to navigate my way beyond it. This experiential portion of the program is now embedded in my very core, and oddly enough can be felt by all those around me. I would like to thank you for the incredibly comfortable and open space you created for us as a group. It gave me a sense of security to explore my own identity in a way I had not previously done. It gave my husband and me the gift of improved communication, and a deeper sense of love and respect for one another. For all these reasons and more, I would recommend this program with great confidence. Thank you for guiding us all through this incredibly important process!