The Vision Quest

There comes a time when you must leave family, friends and work behind and go into nature alone, looking within to discover your purpose and your gifts. A modern enactment of an ancient ceremony, the vision quest offered by Rites of Passage enables men and women to engage in a sacred journey in three stages: release of an old life, stepping across the threshold of sacred time and space, and return to the world reborn. The Rites of Passage Wilderness Quest will provide core teachings and practices–including solitude, fasting and connection to wilderness– for this journey into the mythic world.

We have taken the universal elements of a rite of passage in designing a program for people living in our contemporary society. Our staff are guides and teachers, serving to mirror and support participants by helping them first to prepare for their solo, and then to understand and integrate their experience.  Quest participants return to our de-mythologized society powerfully moved by having lived close to the healing power of nature and their own living spirit.  The quest can help you find purpose and vision at any life stage—for example coming into adulthood, finding a soulful work path, preparing for marriage or children, healing of old wounds, or entering elderhood.

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