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rabbit2Here is something we’re offering in response to many people who don’t wish to travel but want to experience the healing power of taking time out for a day alone in nature. You can decide when and where to undertake it, in consultation with our staff.

It’s called a Vision Walk Home Study, and it’s a mini-vision quest, a day’s journey on Mother Earth, structured in the same way as all significant rites of passage: preparation (Severance), time on the land (Threshold), and return (Incorporation). For the preparation period, we’ll send you, by email or regular mail, instructions and reading to help you prepare for the program. We’ll be available for an hour of phone consultation to help you make final preparations and to clarify your intent for the Vision Walk. We’ll also check in with you on any safety concerns during this phonecall.

You’ll do the walk on your own, although if you register with a buddy, you can walk at the same time even though you are separate. You’ll need to find a park or wilderness area where you can walk from sunup to sundown (you can rest, too, during the day). You’ll want to keep a journal of the day’s events.

When you return, we’ll schedule an hour for a follow-up consultation to deepen your understanding of the day’s walk. We’ll work with a practice we call “mirroring,” which allows for many layers of meaning to emerge from the story you tell.

The Place: Of Your Choosing
The Time: Of Your Choosing
Program Fee: $125, includes written preparation suggestions, one hour of pre-walk phone consultation, and one hour of post-walk consultation.
Staff: Mike Bodkin and other Rites of Passage guides.