Rites of Passage has been developing programs that allow for online guidance paired with time spent alone in nature, bringing our program gifts of intention, purpose, and healing  to people in their home environment.

You’ll need the following to undertake one of these programs:

–Basic gear: a daypack, hiking/walking shoes, a water bottle, some basic first aid supplies
–Venue:  access to a park or nature area near your home.  Even if the parking lot is closed, you may be able to walk in.
–Access to the internet (preferred) or a phone.

We’re currently offering two online programs (follow links for more information):

–A Home Study online Day Quest, consisting of a full day in nature, with preparation and follow-up support from a Rites of Passage staff member.

–A six session workshop on the Four Directions teachings, with weekly assignments in nature. This program will be valuable for new participants, for those who have completed a Wilderness Quest, and for anyone interested in the Rites of Passage guide training program.

Online Program Schedule

Day Quests are offered continuously.  Contact us to arrange.